A golden day

Yesterday was such a great day for me. I had slight soreness, but it’s getting to be easier to live with, and I got some exciting things done. After getting a few household chores finished up, I settled in with my coffee and Pinterest. Love me some Pinterest!!

I came across a few darling DIY wire jewelry tutorials. Back in the day, before my hands went to hell, I used to dabble in wire jewelry making. I’d sit for hours and just twist wire with my tools and see what happened. After my hands started giving me trouble, all my supplies got tucked away in a box; I thought I’d never be able to enjoy it again.

Yesterday, I pulled it all out and was able to create a few fun items!! SO HAPPY!

All over Pinterest, I’d been seeing this fabulous bow ring – LOVE bow rings, and I’d been *dying* to have one fit right above my main knuckle on my pointer finger. Dunno why, but I think it is precious. And wouldn’t you know it, I found a great tutorial for one of those adorable rings!! The brilliance over at I Spy DIY have offered an amazing, and easy to follow tutorial. It took me quite a few attempts to get it just-so, but when I finally got it, the ring turned out beautiful!

Just love the bow!!


There was another tutorial I was following to make an infinity ring, but I just can’t get that one to work out properly. I think I’m going to look for another, easier to follow one. When I do, and I master it, I will post pics and a link.

Yesterday went so well, and today, not so much. I had a doctor’s appointment this morning with my Primary Care doctor; it went well, she’s concerned with the weight loss. I’m not under-weight, and I’m only 20 pounds away from being in a normal weight zone for my height (I’ve never, ever been that close, always been chubs…) and she’s concerned about muscle loss. Considering I have Polymyositis, I’m worried about that muscle loss as well. She sent me to the lab to repeat some blood work, including my CK levels.

I was already feeling weak today, but when I got home, I was putting something away in the refrigerator and I fell. More like my legs gave out on me and my arms weren’t strong enough to support me and down I went. Now I’m incredibly sore but since Joey is not having a good day, he’s in bed and I’m trying to keep E tamed to a sizable level. Sometimes being a caregiver and letting another person take precedent is painful. Today is one of those days. Really wish I was in bed. My entire back, neck, upper arms, shoulders, and upper legs are flaring up in pain, most likely from the fall, but I’m going to have to head to the pharmacy to pick up my pain meds if this keeps up.

But for now, I’m going to take solace in the fact that I have a freaking awesome bow ring that I made, courtesy of I Spy DIY!