Keeping my hands busy

I have been restless for the past week or so, and the only things that have been entertaining include DIY craft projects and cooking. I know this isn’t a craft blog, but I would like to share the few small projects I completed.

First, I have been working diligently on creating the cards I’m going to send out for Christmas. I’m not ready to share those yet, as they are all different. No assembly line cards here! Each one is unique, and handmade by me. When the stack is ready, then I will share a few at a time.

Tonight, I wanted to share the boxes I covered and the can I repurposed.

I have a ton of beautiful scrapbooking paper; I’m a hoarder when it comes to lovely papers! I just can’t resist!

The first box was actually an old cigar box that hubs kindly donated to my craft stash. Isn’t he wonderful?!

I used my handy-dandy Mod Podge and attached the paper to the box sides. Then I added ribbon and a sweet bow. It’s a fantastically sturdy box, and it holds my coffee K-cups really well! I LOVE the way it looks on the counter. It brightens an otherwise bland spot.

The next box was just a cardboard box that I kept with the idea of covering it. It spent plenty of time as one of those plain brown boxes holding random crap for too long!


This sweet little box has now become a charging station for our smaller electronics.

The final project that I completed, and that I want to share in this post is not box related. Instead, it involves a tin can!

I like to keep a stash of green onions in my windowsill, and I harvest them whenever a recipe calls for it. They’ve been growing really well, but they looked so sad in their little Tupperware dish. So I saved a smaller, fat can, and recovered it just for my lovely green onions.

This now brightens my windowsill, and it couldn’t make me happier.

I have some other crafts I may share later, but as mentioned above, I might just share the cards next.

Sorry that there isn’t a tutorial for any of these projects, but they’re all pretty simple and straightforward. They also involved copious amounts of Mod Podge, scrapbooking paper, and a hot glue gun 😉

If you have any specific questions, however, I would be happy to oblige!


Coconut cookies, anyone?

I’m addicted to Pinterest. I’m not going to lie. I spend literally hours on that website, looking at the DIY projects, the holiday ideas, the home decor, and above all else, the recipes. I’m constantly oohing and ahhing over the amazing ideas, and drooling over the beautiful foodie pictures. Tonight, after dinner, I had this massive sweet tooth. Mind you, the Prednisone has completely changed the way I taste food, so things that I used to love (ahem, chocolate!) now taste…off and I don’t like them. I usually put away some chocolate, but lately, I can hardly stand it on my Mounds bars. I don’t even care for the regular Oreos anymore. I do, however, LOVE the Golden Oreos. Those are amazing. That being said, I’ve been on a coconut kick, absolutely loving the flavor and crunch. This coming from the girl who hates coconut…thank you Prednisone, haha.

So I came across this pin for Toasted Coconut Cookies over at the Sugarcrafter and I knew I had to try them out.

So I gathered all of the materials and my little helper. We set to work, and of course I took some awesome, memory keeping cutesy photos!

Every great chef tastes as he bakes. Right?

He really enjoyed watching the batter mix. He added all of the ingredients himself!

Honey and Ethan. Baking cookies like champs. He loved it!

I’m not going to list the entire recipe here, but you can follow this amazing link to her delicious recipe and make them yourself! I’ve already had to tell Ethan “last one” about three times now. But I’ve also had three… I will say, if you keep the batter in the refrigerator in between batches, it does make it easier to handle, and the cookies look prettier. They’re wonderful either way. They have an amazing sugar cookie base, and the coconut within provides a really mellow flavor that just enhances the cookie.


I didn’t use a professional camera so they look yellower than they really are.

Please know that I’ve not been asked to write this post, I only use Pinterest like a mad-woman and wanted a yummy cookie after dinner. I took a chance, tried this recipe, and now I’ve definitely got a “go-to” cookie recipe. Love these cookies and will make them again!