The Honey List

I’ve decided that I’m going to start a list series on this blog that focuses on all the fun, adorable, quirky, drool-worthy non-food items that are available for me to daydream over. There are so many amazing kitchen gadgets, utensils, accessories, and the like available that I couldn’t possibly own all of them… yet.

Think of it as a year round Christmas list of sorts 🙂

I would like to do a weekly list that focuses on what I may be obsessing over at the moment.

And this week, it’s aprons.

Aprons are possibly one of my most favorite kitchen/home accessories, and I certainly don’t have enough. You can find aprons everywhere, along with some amazing tutorials online if you want to make your own.

The right apron can make you feel like you are about to bake on top of the world; like you can accomplish anything within the kitchen!

They can also offer an amazing silhouette 🙂

This list starts with my absolute favorite apron, hands down, ever –

1. Dalek Apron


A Dalek apron! How much fun would it be to put on this gem, and run throughout your kitchen, shouting Allons-y or Geronimo while baking up something yummy?! This beauty is available on through PandorasProductions.

By revealing my Doctor Who geekery, it’s only natural that my next favorite apron would be this one:

2. Superhero in the kitchen:


Seriously. I need this apron for the days when I have more to do than there are hours in the day available! Superwoman, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman?! Yes, please! This apron is also available as a custom order by Alexenia on

3. Harry Potter apron:

Continuing my geekery even further, next up is an awesome Harry Potter themed apron! This apron actually comes with a tutorial, so if you’re feeling magically crafty you can sew yourself (and me?) one of these beauties! Darla over at Bakingdom was kind enough to post a pictorial and the steps on how she created this awesome apron.


4. Strawberries on top:

Probably the hottest trend right now, in, well, everything, has to be retro-styled items. I can’t think of anything sexier than a 1940s,retro-themed strawberry apron! This apron is available at Stitch Thru Time and is made in the USA.


5. Bridal Lace Rockabilly apron:

This next apron is one that I would naughtily wear everywhere. It’s so precious, lacy, sexy, and just too perfect to stay hidden in the kitchen. Seriously. Bambinoamore offers this sexy, makes-cookies-better apron in her etsy shop. There’s just something about that lace …


6. Frilly Apron:

Sometimes a girl wants to enjoy something girly, and frills are the ticket to that! This next apron is available as a tutorial, so once again, the sewer in you can indulge and craft something super sweet! This is a Spotlight Inspiration Room project that only takes 10 steps!


7. Teal Floral Garden Apron:

Teal seems to be an incredibly popular color on the internet lately, and this apron embodies that color with style! I adore the pockets and light ruffling. The best part? It’s available at World Market, one of my favorite stores!


8. Dotty Match Apron:

Frills. Polka dots. Teal. Pockets. What more could you wish for?! Available at Anthropologie, this apron is definitely on my “hint-hint-hubby” list!


9. Monogrammed Initial Apron:

Probably the most Southern thing you can do is monogram something, anything, then throw on some pearls. This apron makes my Southern heart skip a beat! SomethingYouAprons offers a great selection on some stunning aprons. Of course I had to keep the teal going 😉


10. ACU Army Wife Digital Camo Apron:

We are a retired military family, so you had to expect this, right? I. Am. In. LOVE. With this apron! FirtyandFunAprons over on has this apron available; it is adorable, along with her other apron selections (how could you choose just one?!).


Thank you for reading through my first installment of The Honey List. Check back next week, where I will have another fun list! To be honest, I’m sitting here already contemplating a second 10 Best Aprons list. It was so difficult to narrow down for this first list! Do you have a favorite apron?




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