The Honey List – Coffee Mug Edition!

Here we are, ready for a second installment of The Honey List!

This week I wanted to  give some love to one of the hardest working little gadgets in my kitchen.

As background, I am An equal opportunity coffee enthusiast. I love me a good cup of coffee. However, lately it seems that my favorite coffee cup is looking a little… rough.

I want, nay, need a new one.

What better place to start than with the Geekery?!

1. Doctor Who: You Want Weapons?


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that my top choice in a coffee mug would be inspired by Doctor Who. I love the subtle reference of this particular mug – it’s not in-your-face TARDIS, but it is Whovian enough to attract like forces!

This particular mug can be found on in The MugglyDuckling‘s shop. I adore this shop, the Geekery found within makes me warm and fuzzy…

2. Where the Wild Things Are


I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love the classic book, Where the Wild Things Are.  I’ve read this book multiple times to my little boy, and I still experience that sweet sense of excitement when I smell the pages. Sort of like I feel when I smell my first cup of coffee in the morning.

Don’t act like you’ve never smelt a book.

2ndstop has this brilliant mug listed in their shop.

3.  Put a Peacock on it

I love peacocks.  The birds incorporate some of the most beautiful colors in their feathers – greens, blues, purples…. This mug does the same:


I adore that this mug represents the beauty of a peacock without actually being a peacock.  Pier1 sells this whimsical little mug.

4. Duct Tape Mug

This is the coffee cup you get for the person who has everything.


Because really, no one wakes up and says, “I need a Duct Tape coffee cup.” No. In real life you have a friend who recognizes that you truly are a redneck at heart, and your fix-it tools consist of a roll of duct tape, spit, and a prayer.

So they buy you this mug because they appreciate your mullet.

I think I need this mug.

5. Minions

I seriously love Minions. Despicable Me is definitely one of my favorite movies, ever. So of course coming across a deliciously adorable Minion mug would make my panties tingle.


Amazon sells this clever coffee cup.

6.  Lego Coffee Cup

Holy Dark Manhole, Batman, this is seriously one of The Coolest Things, Ever!! A Lego coffee cup that really Legos?!?!



Everyone should own one of these. Period.

7. Harry Potter mug

I’m really noticing a trend here. I can’t help it, though, some fandoms are just too awesome to ignore.

Harry Potter is one of them.


Take this coffee cup, for example. It features the Marauder’s Map, and when you add hot coffee, sneaky footprints appear across the cup itself.


8.  First Lines of Literature

If there’s one thing I love more than a good cup of coffee, it’s curling up with coffee and an amazing book.

A good book can take you places.


This coffee mug showcases some of the most popular and well loved first lines from the most famous books around.

9.  Lovely Mermaid

There’s probably not a mythological creature out there that has held our attention any more strongly than a mermaid.

They’ve captured our imaginations since the days of old, and there is some beautiful artwork associated with them.

That’s the reason I chose this mug (because I seriously could’ve just nabbed a Little Mermaid mug… ).


I really love the classic mermaid scene; it appeals to me in an old-school fairy tale way.

10.  The Sexy Mug

 SnarkyCeramics probably has my favorite coffee cups, hands down. The shop offers mugs that reflect my feelings before my morning pot, and cups that reflect what I adore after I’ve downed my first gallon.

In this case, I need a sexy man mug.


Oh yea.

Burt Freaking Reynolds. Only thing more appealing is Ryan. But I’m trying to keep from overheating.


This mug + hot coffee = too much to handle! Love it!

This week was a bit more difficult to decide on just ten mugs. There are so many more varied, adorable, snarky, and just awesome coffee mugs out there. Which one is your favorite?




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