The Honey List – Christmas Gifts Edition

It’s time for another weekly Honey List!

The Honey List is where I round up my personal Top 10 picks in whichever Kitchen category strikes my fancy at the moment.

Last week it was coffee mugs – who can forget that fantastic Burt Reynolds mug?!

This week, it’s Christmas gifts for the Kitchen mouse! I’m rounding up my Top 10 gifts for the person who loves to spend time in the kitchen, and I’m keeping the price point under $30. Because let’s be realistic – as much as I love Le Creuset and Kitchen-Aid stand mixers, I’m not rich enough to buy one for each of my friends (I wish!).

That being said each of these items could be a great stand alone item, or if you’re super creative, add it to a sweet little gift basket geared for your favorite baker/cook!

1. Dotty Match Potholders from Anthropologie:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

The potholder and Oven mitt are $12 each, so for around $24 you could get both, have a sweet matching set and impress whomever you bestow it upon! It’s definitely a super cute way to protect your hands from the heat.

2. Bloom Utensil Set

The Honey List - top 10 gifts under $30

As soon as I laid eyes on this set, I knew I’d be dreaming about it. My favorite part is the price ($30.99) AND the whisk – I’ve been needing a not-stainless steel whisk for-ever! I might ask the hubs for this one! Although maybe I should change my blog post to “under $31”?

3. Pizza Scooter:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

A seriously awesome pizza slicer! You’ll want to bake up homemade pizzas everyday just to play with this clever gadget. I personally love the racecar slicer, and at $19.98, the price is a steal!

4. Yolk Hero:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts for under $30

Mind = Blown on this one! It’s an egg yolk separator!! How cool is that? I didn’t even know things like this existed, but now that I do, I really need one. For $7.98, I wouldn’t even feel guilty about it, either.

5. Celtic Knot Trivet:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

I’ve been wanting a trivet for a while, and this one just turned that want into a need. Seriously beautiful work, here by ApocalypseFab! Definitely worth the $20 for a unique and beautiful handmade gift.

6. Personalized Wooden Spoons:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

I’m in love with these wooden spoons from ScissorMill on etsy. The personalization possibilities are endless and it is sure to be a gift that will be treasured for years. Priced at $26.50, these precious spoons are bound to be the best gift you’ll ever give!

7. Snack & Stack Utensils:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

You know what’s cool? Legos. What’s even cooler? Lego utensils. Priced at $17.99 the hardest decision you’ll make is whether or not to share!

8.  Magnetic Owl Cake Tester

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

Owls are probably the hottest trend in everything right now, and with this cake tester, you can show that you know what’s on target and unique. This adorable cake tester serves double duty as an original artwork magnet when not in use and is super affordable at $6. You can find this cake tester, and other beautiful options in ArtistEmilyTerrell‘s shop on etsy.

9. Metal Owl Measuring Spoons Set

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

These are the most precious measuring spoons, ever. I can foresee pulling hubby into Pier One just so I can find these, drool on them, buy them, and love them forever! They’re only priced at $14.95, so I wouldn’t feel guilty about buying them for myself!

10. Time Bomb Kitchen Timer:

The Honey List - Top 10 gifts under $30

This is definitely a cool kitchen timer! Designed to look like a literal ticking time bomb, it’s bound to bring quite a few amused comments when you gift it – and at $9.30, it won’t blow your bank account either!

There are actually way too many other options for me to choose from, and I totally could have continued the list, but really, 10 is plenty for now, haha.

This list is by no means exhaustive, so I’m curious – what is on your must-buy list this holiday season?




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