The Honey List – Jewelry Edition!

A few days ago, when I was using my stand mixer, I was watching how gracefully the blades were mixing and realized… I really want some sort of jewelry that reflects my love of baking. I know the connection is totally strange, it’s just mesmerizing to watch the blades and it relaxes me. I started thinking about what type of jewelry I would want…

I knew I could probably find something really awesome that reflected what I love.

Of course my first place to look was Why not support homemade artisans?

After looking through, drooling, and having to dry the keyboard, I realized – this would make a perfect Honey List!

So here it is, awesome, handmade jewelry for the Baker/Kitchen Mouse in your life!

And for the record, I need all of these!!

1. Whimsical Spoon and Fork Earrings from SpotLightJewelry ($19.95):


I love a cute chandelier earring, and what better way to showcase a pair than with a knife…fork…and spoon?! Love it!

2. Hand-stamped “Get Cooking” chef’s necklace from JennsHandmadeJewelry ($24.00):


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably are familiar with handstamped jewelry, and quite possibly own at least one handstamped necklace. This is another option that shows just how adorable this jewelry style is – complete with a whisk and measuring cup?! Need.

3. Mix Master earrings from Craftycruellas ($5.60):


These earrings are so stinking adorable, and feel retro. I can see myself wearing these with my red bandana mixing up some coconut cookies!

4. Personalized Baking Bracelet from InitiallyCharming ($22.00):


This charm bracelet makes me incredibly happy; you can personalize it with an initial charm, your zodiac charm and a colored stone. LOVE!

5. Sweet Baker’s Necklace with Cupcake charms from ACharmedImpression ($32.00):


Loving the classic baker feel to this necklace. The cupcake pan is adorable!

6. Whisk Dangle Earrings from PinaforeLane ($19.00):


The vintage feel of these whisk earrings make me think of my Grandma baking when I was younger. Love those memories, love these earrings!

7. “Who Ate My Cupcakes” Baker’s necklace from Shimrita ($26.99):


This necklace is probably the most original, coolest thing ever! I adore how the cupcake pan has what looks like little miniature cupcakes, complete with a bag of icing!

8. “You Little Tart” charm bracelet from SuperVixenBadGirl ($25.00):


The name of this charm bracelet makes me chuckle, and the charms are adorable. I love how the artist mixed up the types of charms to create a visually appealing and beautiful bracelet.

9. Cupcake Pan earrings from SaritasJewelryBox ($15.00):


I adore the cupcake pan charms and these earrings would look amazing with the necklace up top!

10. Handstamped Cupcake Ring from CatherineMarissa ($25.00):


Simplicity at its finest, this sweet handstamped ring could almost be worn daily. I love how adorable the ring is, yet it could pack a huge meaningful punch for any Kitchen Mouse!


I love the skill and originality of these jewelry pieces and I definitely respect the time and thoughtfulness that these artisans put into their work.

I’m working on putting a similar skill set into motion by attempting to convince the hubs that I need all of these jewelry pieces…

Which is your favorite?






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