The Honey List – Cookie Jars!

For all the cookies I’ve baked, I don’t have a great cookie jar. I’m embarrassed to admit it, but somehow I’ve not acquired a kick-ass cookie jar to proudly house my noms.

I don’t even know how that came to pass.

I can’t look myself in the mirror now.

Psh. Who am I kidding? It’s just a great reason for me to do some online drooling and prepare another Honey List while I sip my coconut vodka and orange pineapple juice!

So let’s get started – I’ve found just a teeny tiny sampling of the most … well… they’re unique. I’ll just say that.

1. Snowy Owl Cookie Jar
I am completely obsessed with Owls. On a recent shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, I came across an adorable owl coffee mug that I couldn’t resist. What does it look like? This precious cookie jar!

It’s a sign. I’ll be buying this one…

The Honey List = Cookie Jars

2. Tardis Cookie Jar
You knew this was coming. No doubt about it, a TARDIS cookie jar belongs in my kitchen. The only thing better than this cookie jar would be having David Tennant as my personal cookie holder.

(Let’s just take a moment to enjoy that idea.)

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

3.  Kokeshi Doll Cookie Jar
Everything about these cookie jars are adorable. The sweet heart shaped lips, the beautiful colors on the Kimonos, and the fact that it’s a pair of jars (on sale?).  Score!

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

4. Marvel Superhero Cookie Jar
This cookie jar would make not only hubby happy, but I’m pretty sure Little E would crap his pants over it, too.

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

5. Ursula Cookie Jar
Now I’m just drooling – not over cookies, but this cookie jar! I LOVE Ursula from The Little Mermaid. Favorite Disney Villain ever!!

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

6. Donald Duck Cookie Jar
Donald Duck is my hub’s favorite cartoon character, ever. This cookie jar would most likely end up on his desk (and full of cookies!).

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

7. Squirrel on Stump Cookie Jar
I like this one. It would really be the epitome of irony to have a squirrel cookie jar knowing that I love squirrel gumbo…

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

8. Predator Cookie Jar
Nothing, and I mean, nothing, says “Stay outta my effing cookies you twatmuffin” like this cookie jar.

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

9. Personalized Cookie Jar
I’m thinking there’s plenty of room for this one to say, “Honey’s Cookies.” Definitely.

The Honey List - Cookie Jars

10. Glamorous Hippo Cookie Jar
You may think you’re cool, but you’ll never be effing Glamorous Hippo wearing a feather boa cool.

The Honey List = cookie jars

Nope. Go home.

In the world of cookie jars, the crazier, the better. I don’t want a cookie jar that’s dainty. Oh no. I want bold, I want “THIS IS A MOTHEREFFING COOKIE JAR.”

Probably should lay off the vodka tonight.

Do you have a cookie jar that you love? What is it?

If you’re interested, I have compiled a pretty kick-booty Cookie Jar board on Pinterest. You can see it here.




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