Homemade White Pepper Gravy

If there is one thing my hubs loves, it’s white pepper gravy. That man can put away his weight in gravy. Probably not the healthiest food item to indulge in, but he enjoys it, and I like to make it for him.

Usually I use one of those powder packets. You know what I’m talking about.

But guess what I learned to make recently?!


Now I can pretend to be awesome and whip it up, from scratch, whenever I want! I don’t have to rely on having those packets in my cabinet anymore.

Even better, now YOU can make it from scratch without a mix!

It’s incredibly simple to make, but you have to keep your proportions accurate – 2:2:1 or 4:4:2.


2 tablespoons Butter : 2 tablespoons Flour : 1 cup milk

4 tablespoons Butter : 4 tablespoons Flour : 2 cups milk

You’re basically making a roux to start with, be careful not to burn it.

Now, it’s really easy to eyeball this, and make it as thick or thin as you prefer. Hubs prefers a slightly thicker gravy, so I use about 3 tablespoons butter and flour with 1 cup milk. Sometimes I add an additional tablespoon or two of milk depending on how it looks. He hasn’t complained yet!

I perfer to use a pepper grinder for this recipe, too. I love the thickness and the satisfaction of turning the grinder head, haha.

White Pepper Gravy


  • 2-3 tablespoons butter
  • 2-3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup milk, plus 1-2 tablespoons additional for your preference
  • salt
  • pepper


  1. In small saucepan, melt butter.
  2. Once butter is melted, add the flour and stir. It will clump up like a mo’fo so be prepared.gravy
  3. Slowly add the milk, a little at a time and stir to incorporate. Stir continuously. The gravy will go from looking like thick mashed potatoes to gravy consistency once all of the milk has been added.
  4. Add salt and pepper to taste. I like peppery gravy, so I use a minimum of at least 1 tablespoon pepper. Add what you like and are comfortable with.

I enjoy making this gravy, and it goes great on mashed potatoes, rice, to dip your chicken fried steak fingers in… we had it with homemade mashed potatoes, hamburger steaks and corn. It was a hit, but this is one of those basic, “normal” dinners we have around here. Nothing fancy, but super yummy and artery clogging, I guess!


What will you put your gravy on?

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103 thoughts on “Homemade White Pepper Gravy

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  2. I LOVE this recipe and make it for breakfast for bisquits and gravy. I have a few Family members who do not eat sausage, so I just make sausage on the side for those who want to add it to their gravy…its delicious

  3. Made this recipe this morning for my Hubby to Pour over some Chicken Fried Chicken and Biscuits. It was delicious. Thank You So Much for sharing.

  4. I was born and raised in the south and the one thing I could never get the hang of is making gravy! Until I tried your recipe tonight and it turned out PERFECT! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Oh my goodness! I just made the vegan version of this and it was amazing!!! Almond milk, dairy free butter, and threw in some Lightlife sausage! Gravy is the one thing I have always struggled to make and this took care of That! Also used the mason jar tip from another person and worked perfectly! Thank you, thank you, thank you! My husband and son also say thank you!

  6. Absolutely yummy! My first batch of gravy that turned out perfectly. I will never buy a package again. I can see using sausage grease and sausage for sausage gravy, but this is a great beginner recipe. Thanks!

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  8. Added a pack of sausage grounded up with a little more milk and it came out so good my husband says this is the best ive ever made lol thank you for the recipe

  9. After a disasterois first attempt at winging it, this recipe came out perfect and am now allowed to make gravy!😁

    Also, I was sold at the word Mofo!!!🤣


  10. I am old enough to be your grandma; I always loved cooking for my family. I use to make white gravy just the same as your recipe – most of the time I added sausage. My hubby loved it that way. Unfortunately, he is not with me anymore and my 2 children live out-of-state with their families. I still save recipes that you young ones put online and I love to read cookbooks even though I seldom cook anymore. I miss it! Enjoy every minute with your hubs, Honey and continue to cook things for him while you can.

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