Amusing little quickie

When I bake up new things, I always like to get input from family and friends. My most recent concoction, the Snickerdoodle Cream Cheese cookie bars, have been taste tested, and approved for future baking, but with a few minor adjustments.

I thought I’d share that with you quick.

First, everyone has agreed that they need to be baked a bit longer, the middle didn’t seem to be finished quite enough for everyone’s liking.

Second, I need to make them less thick – remember, I baked ’em up in an 8×8. Next time, I have to use the 9×13 pan. Make ’em thinner and they’ll definitely bake properly.

Third, keep them in a preschooler free zone. Or you’ll end up with this:


I couldn’t help but start laughing when I opened the lid and there was his little spoon.

Obviously these are a keeper.

Have you ever had to keep little fingers out of a dessert?



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