Welcome, 2015!

First post of the New Year, and what a fun one at that!

Last year saw such an amazing time in our lives, and I’m so thrilled to have had many of those experiences (they were definitely better than 2013!)

In 2014, I had a baby (and he’s adorably chubby!), baked many delish recipes, moved to Alabama, and slacked on the blog (haha!).

But in 2015, I’m hoping to pick right up on the blog and begin sharing more recipes (I have an idea using cake mix with a cookie base – coming soon!) but not just cookies either! I want to begin sharing more dinners.

I’m also partaking in a creativity Challenge. I will, hopefully, be sharing many posts and hopefully keeping up with the challenge!

And that Challenge is the focus of today’s post.

So I’m off to a good start, right?

The Challenge is hosted by my friend Kelly over at Whimsy by Kelly. The idea is to make/do something creative – hopefully at least 300 items over the course of the year. You can absolutely do more or less depending on your desire; the beautiful thing about it is that you dictate what you want to create. Kelly provides weekly prompts and you can use that prompt to start a creation (or not… totally up to you!).

This week, Kelly gave the prompt of “Begin.”

It took me the better part of a day to figure out what I wanted my first creation project to be.

For Yule, the hubs gave me this absolutely beautiful journal with thick, blank paper in it. It’s heavy, leather bound, and just stunning (I have an addiction to journals…). I love the journal, but didn’t know what I would do with it.

the journal

(Que lightbulb!)
Then it hit me! Why not start an Art Journal? I could use it during the Creative Challenge and each page could become something unique and beautiful and different and distinctly me, and the beautiful journal would become something.


So here is my first creation, prompted by “Begin:”


I know, it’s quite literal, isn’t it?

But it was so relaxing and fun to create.

I am planning other creations, and will blog them so that I can link it up to Kelly’s blog; unfortunately, that may create multiple posts that aren’t super awesome, but that contain a Creation and a description. I would just love to share what I create with you and the best part is that my creations will include food! Yay!

Are you taking part in any challenges this year?


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