Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops

I’ve been a pretend busy beaver the past few days.

In reality, I had surgery Monday, and I guess I just hate being forced to sit still, seems like that’s when the creative juices really fly. Then I just can’t handle NOT doing something..


And with Valentine’s day coming up, I really wanted to do something fun with Ethan that didn’t necessarily involve baking more cookies. Seriously, you guys, he’s so over baking more cookies with me, it’s not even funny. He doesn’t get excited when I pull out the mixing bowl anymore. I get a simple, “No thanks” and he goes about his day playing with Skylanders or his action figures.

But the project I had in mind today was one that he was interested in, and as a matter of fact, the man got involved, too.

This was a fun project incorporating items we had hanging out in our cabinet. We have (had) two packages of holiday Oreos – red centers! – and I also had Halloween candy molds that had white chocolate melting bars in them (clearance after Halloween!) and to make it Valentiney I grabbed some fun heart sprinkles and those hard sugar decorations.

Doing the math then, Halloween plus Christmas equals Valentine’s Day Oreo Pops! Win!



We melted the chocolate in the microwave (30 second intervals, stir, repeat until perfectly melted and smooth).

Then we dipped the Oreos in the chocolate. Some of them are on sticks, and some of them are not. We didn’t want to completely cover the cookies in melted chocolate, and the boy found it much easier to dip half the cookie in the chocolate. I liked holding a plain Oreo and pressing it down into the melted gooeyness.


Then we placed them on a parchment lined baking sheet, decorated them, and then chilled them in the refrigerator.

The boy forgot about them, so they chilled for a good solid hour before he asked where they were (and ate two…).

He’s pretty excited about them, and has already shared a few with his favorite people.

This one had to go to Aunt Chrissy.

This one had to go to Aunt Chrissy.

He stayed the night with his Auntie Chrissy and his cousins, Nathan and Alivia. When we were getting his stuff packed up, he picked out Oreo pops for them and his Uncle Jeff. You see that pretty pop up there with the pink heart and pink glittery sprinkles? That one went to Aunt Chrissy.

I’m pretty sure he has a crush on his Auntie – it’s super cute, but he adores her so much!

So with that, Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Oh, and P.S. – this post is my contribution for the #Whimsybykelly2015 Creative Challenge AND the pay it forward Random Act of Kindness week. Her post suggests we create something fun and give it away. Ethan and I created these pops and he gave many away to his Aunt, Uncle and cousins. The fun won’t stop there, either, as I am already thinking about how else I can involve my family in Random Acts of Kindness ♥


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