Another DIY – Photo Coasters!

You guys, I am so excited to share this DIY with you. I had to sit on it a while because it was a gift for my mom and I had to wait for her to get them.

For Mother’s Day this year, I made my mom a set of photo coasters featuring some of our favorite recent pics.

Photo Coaster DIY

The coasters are an idea I picked up on Pinterest (of course!!) and ran with.

The coasters are relatively simple to create. There are only a few basic supplies that you will need, and many of them come from Home Depot!


  • 6 ceramic tiles
  • 6 photos trimmed to fit
  • Sharpie Paint Pens (or vinyl)
  • Glossy Mod Podge
  • Can of Rustoleum Spray Sealer
  • Package of self-sticking felt pads
  • Ribbon, gift tag, bubble wrap – optional


The first steps are super easy – just decide how many coasters you want and then choose the photos for them. I wanted to make a set of 6, so I chose four photos and two designs for the set. (The designs are a foot print of my littlest and a handprint of my oldest).

I then bought six small tiles (I believe they were 4×4) from Home Depot. I used the size of the tiles as a guide for printing my photos. I printed them at home and was able to size them accordingly (for this step, you could print at home or have them printed and cut to size).

Photo Coasters

I wanted a matte photo (wasn’t sure how glossy would work) so I used regular printer paper.

Next, I used a sponge brush and put a light coat of Mod Podge on the back of the photo; I then placed the photo on the tile and gently pressed it down. This I followed up with a light coat of Mod Podge on top of the photo. Repeat with your other photos and coaster, and set them aside so they can dry thoroughly.

The coasters with the handprint/footprint went a tad differently – I gently pressed the kiddo’s tootsie onto the ink pad then pressed onto the paper, trimmed the paper and then put the Mod Podge on the back. Before sealing the tile, I used a Sharpie paint pen to draw the names and dates. After the lettering/numbering dried, then I sealed with Mod Podge and the spray sealer.

Photo Coaster

Finally, spray with a coat of sealer and attach felt pads on the bottom. I used these small self-adhesive pads I found at Home Depot, but cork sheets would also provide a decent backing.


I only did one coat of Mod Podge with several coats of sealer, and they seem to be holding up well; however, others have said that they have used multiple coats of Mod Podge – go with your gut.

Photo Coasters

Step back and take plenty of photos so that you can totally show off your handiwork on Facebook (you know you do it, don’t lie).

Since mine were a gift, I wrapped them with a pretty ribbon and attached a Zentangled gift tag, then wrapped them in plastic and plenty of bubble wrap!

DIY Coasters

I am thinking of making more of these, not only as gifts for others, but for myself as well. The opportunities are endless, and could be done with vinyl or even funky/unusual scrapbook paper to match your decor.

Hopefully this DIY will give you the inspiration needed to make yourself an amazing set of coasters! When you do, share with us!


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