Let’s be super cute for a minute.


I found something on pinterest the other day and I swooned. Like, instantly. They were these super cute s’mores snacks and they had *sprinkles.* You can find the original post inspiration here. The difference, I believe, is that I’m not using marshmallows – I’m using marshmallow fluff!

S’mores + Sprinkles = YES.



I’ve had this obsession with marshmallow fluff for a while, which I haven’t kept secret, but that meant I had a jar of fluff on hand. You can see evidence of the start of my obsession with my cereal bars.

I will need to buy another jar of fluff…I have a recipe in the works that I need to tweak (thinking here, chocolate chip fluff bars…but they just aren’t there yet) and with less than half a jar of fluff, I wanted to play with these cute s’mores snacks.

My niece had a field trip day, and I volunteered to pack her lunch for the trip. I really just wanted an excuse to make these treats!

There isn’t a “recipe” per se for these, just a sort of, “do this, then that” and you’re done. Super. Easy.

For reals.



For starters, you’ll need graham crackers, marshmallow fluff, melted chocolate (I used Nestle Toll House semi-sweet chocolate chips), and sprinkles!

Break the graham crackers in half, then in half again. You’ll end up with four sections. Spread a good dollop of fluff on one graham cracker, gently smoosh the other on top…dip in melted chocolate, place on cookie sheet lined with wax paper, toss on sprinkles and chill.


Told you it was easy.

The most difficult part may be not eating them all.





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