Trying something new…

I would like to try something new in this blog post – capturing a family memory, while it is still fresh. Bear with me.

Ethan joined the Cub Scouts, and his dad and I ended up becoming Den Leaders.


We’ve taken a big role in planning and preparing the Tigers for their achievements, and the Pack we are a part of participated in a camping weekend at the local Boy Scouts campsite. As soon as we heard about it, we knew we wanted to go along.


It was the weekend right before Halloween, so I was quite concerned about hubby, but it ended up being a fun, safe and enjoyable weekend.


We have quite a bit of camping gear already, but we decided to grab a camp stove and some new sleeping bags. Next time, however, we are definitely getting an air mattress (that ground was painful!).


We had grilled cheese and foil pizza sandwiches, the kids had hot dogs, as well.


We slept in a 4 person tent for two nights. The first night, the boys were both tuckered out and slept sound; the second night was a different story. Rynn was so worn out, but so uncomfortable on the ground/sleeping bag that he tossed and turned then cried/whined most of the night.


Definitely wasn’t very restful (so when I say we are getting an air mattress next time, I was not kidding!). I think if he had been on an air mattress, he would’ve been more comfortable.



There was quite an activity list, and Ethan worked hard to participate in as many activities as he could. He was the only Tiger from our Pack in attendance, so he joined up with the Bears that were there.  They had such a wonderful time! Their group completed pretty much all of the options, with the exception of the BB guns and fishing (there just wasn’t enough time!!).


Ethan did really well with the archery, he hit the target!

In the leatherworking hut, he designed my birthday gift – a “Mom Cub” necklace. I totally rock it!


Ethan waited for about an hour with his Bear buddies to participate in the hay ride, and he said it was about 45 minutes and cool.

At the end of the day Saturday, the campsite offered a few Halloween themed activities – Trunk or Treating, DIY face painting, and a Spook Trail.




We did the Trunk or Treating (it was so dark!) but we did not do the Spook Trail (too many variables that could’ve caused issues with the hubs!).


I wish I had gotten a photo of the trunk or treating festivities, but it was fun all over. Ethan was dressed up as a minecraft character from Dan TDM and Rynn was Iron Man. They both had a blast!



We are currently planning to attend the next camping event called the Tiger Growl in February. It is specifically for Tigers and will focus on helping the Tiger Cubs earn credit towards their electives. So excited already!




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