Just a couple of Deatheaters…

We did a thing!

A local music hall (Vinyl Music Hall) hosted a Harry Potter Yule Ball (so cool, right?!!). Even though the hubby struggles with crowds, loud noises, etc, he promised he would try… so we bought tickets on a spur of the moment decision after learning that a friend of ours was also going.


I personally *love* Harry Potter, but hubs tolerates it. He decided to go to appease me, haha. The Yule Ball featured a costume component, and I think that was the main reason he was interested in joining.

We both enjoy antagonists; villains are some of our favorite characters (but don’t get me wrong, I adore a good hero.) But when it came to creating costumes for this Yule ball, we totally wanted to go as Deatheaters!

We didn’t have a very long time to work on our costumes, roughly two weeks, but I think they turned out great!


I made our cloaks, Joe whittled his wand out of a stick, I made mine from a chopstick and a marble (ha!). We decorated our masks with vinyl and paint. My Dark Mark “tattoo” was actually painted on and I was pleasantly surprised at how well it lasted during the night.



After arriving, we put on our masks and had a few photo ops with other attendees. It was a blast! The band was amazing, too. Grand Theft Audio performing as Dumbledore’s Army. I would absolutely love to see GTA perform (as themselves) one day again.

There was also a costume contest! Can you believe that we came in second?! Second! What?!


There was even a photographer from the Pensacola News Journal there, and he captured a few shots of the costume contest.


We taste tested Butterbeer (it was alright…), took a Wanted Wizard photo, watched two artists paint, and passed out cold when we got home…we did all of this sober, too! FUN!



I am already plotting my costume for next year. We definitely want to go next year. And I want another fun costume. I’m thinking … Dolores Umbridge? Molly Weasley? a Quidditch player?? The possibilities are endless!!



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